Beer and chocolate

As strange as it sounds to many, beer and chocolate can be a sublime match...but it must be the right beer and great chocolate.

Matt works with some of South East Queensland's best and most innovative chocolate makers to show how the flavours can pair perfectly. 

Beer and chocolate can be run as a standalone event presented in conjunction with one of our recommended Chocolatiers, or it can be added to one of Matt's other tastings - such as the dessert course of a beer matching dinner. 

With a standalone tasting, guests receive an introductory beer, then Matt selects some of the finest beers from around the world – including some made with chocolate or coffee as an ingredient - and pairs them with a selection of chocolates.

Cost (based on a minimum) of 15 people: From $46pp.

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Don't just taste the chocolate, make the chocolate. We work with chocolate makers such as Dello Mano who can join us to teach about chocolate and also host truffle rolling demonstrations, where you get to roll your own chocolate truffles and eat them, matched with a beer.