• The Alliance Hotel (map)
  • 320 Boundary St
  • Spring Hill, QLD, 4000
  • Australia

Flavour is a strange thing. When we taste anything, including beer, we can bring as much to what we are tasting as the liquid in the glass does. Marketing, hype and our personal preferences and prejudices can all influence how we taste a beer. But what happens when we strip away the label, the brand, the hype and brewer’s reputation and blind taste the beers on their own merits?

Come along to a Hump Day Blind Tasting and find out. 

Each session we will taste a selection of beers across a range of styles and categories and see what we really think about them.

This is a fascinating sensory experience that will challenge your perceptions about beer, flavour and branding.

Light nibbles will be provided in addition to a beer on arrival and blind tasting samples.

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